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23 February 2012 @ 11:50 pm


 The Membership is closed 

These are my Rules 

 - DONT: repost, link, reupload, stream, share, or sell any of our files. If we see any of our files being shared, you'll get banned from MT forever.

 - Be active if you're active in any other LJ communities, and with this i mean, comment in our community at least like once a month. (this applies if you're active in other LJ communities, dont worry otherwise,just comment if you can <3)

 - Please be nice and respectful with MT staff and all MT members. I'm sure we all have different opinions, and we all can say what we think and discuss about it w/o troubling each other.

 - Most of our files can be used for subbing purposes, feel free to use them for that as long as we dont say "don't use for subbing", just credit the original uploader via MT, if we dont credit anyone means the file is ours, so just credit MT. 99,99% of our files are RAW.

 Then, to join you must reply to these questions:

1.Where are you from ?
2.Write 3 things you love about toma ikuta ?
3.Will you abide by the rules ?

After you leave your comment in this post, you can click "join this community" button.

 Please, refrain to try to join without commenting here.
Thank you, and we hope you enjoy our comm.

Current Location: Saudi Arabia, Dammam
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Arashi - Wild at heart